Embrace 1

“I composed the piece using a computer, as I usually do these days, then arranged pre-recorded material (gongs, piano, complex modular oscillators) which was then spatialized and used for playback. The players then familiarised themselves with the material in individual rehearsals and, working with stopwatches, entered their material-solutions into the prefabricated, time-structured score. The cello and double bass parts are purely improvised.”
– Werner Dafeldecker

“When I compose for Polwechsel, I try not to follow certain practical patterns but to find sounds, ideas, electronic set-ups or rules that make us sound and play in a way we have never done before.”
– Michael Moser

Burkhard Beins percussion
Martin Brandlmayr percussion
Werner Dafeldecker double bass
Michael Moser cello

John Butcher tenor and soprano saxophones
Magda Mayas piano

Recorded in August 2022 by Wolfgang Musil and Sebastian Pracher at Musikschule Bad Goisern, Austria
Mixed by Werner Dafeldecker and Michael Moser
Mastered by Wolfgang Musil

Artwork by Teresa Iten
LP cover art by Michael Moser

All music by Polwechsel

Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions, 2023