Embrace 2

“The idea was to use material the players created themselves and not material imposed from “outside”. One important question to me was how we can repeat material without it becoming too rigid. The sound material itself is quite clearly defined throughout the piece. I wanted to shape, with regard to the different approaches of the individual players, the quality and degree of precision with which musical material is repeated and how it is notated. It was important to me that there´s space for interaction that is developed in the moment. Chains and Grain should be a living thing, which is recreated every time we play it.” – Martin Brandlmayer

Michel Moser cello
Werner Dafeldecker double bass
Burkhard Beins percussion
Martin Brandlmayr percussion, transducer

Recorded in July 2021 by Andreas Karlberger at ORF Argentinierstrasse
Assistance by Ingrid Song
Mixed by Martin Brandlmayr and Werner Dafeldecker
Mastered by Wolfgang Musil

Artwork by Teresa Iten
LP cover art by Michael Moser

All music by Polwechsel

Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions, 2023