Embrace 4

Side A

Orakelstücke (Peter Ablinger)

“There is a sense of the mystery in the everyday, the transformation of common materials as touchstones, common to both Christians and Buddhists, the Christian rosary, the small stones carried by pilgrims and left at holy sites, the Buddhist Mani stones and beads, and the relics and shards common to many faiths. That sense of heightened significance might be heard in the isolated percussive strikes that are crucial components in the identical theme statements that open and conclude the piece, a prologue and epilogue, which is orchestrated as follows: a wet cleaning cloth beaten periodically on the floor, periodical no input feedback, double bass and cello. That symmetrical structure extends to the rest of the piece as well. The instruments include vibraphone and a micro-tone glockenspiel built by Peter Ablinger himself.” – Stuart Broomer

Michael Moser cello, voice, objects
Werner Dafeldecker double bass, voice, objects
Burkhard Beins feedback microphone, voice, objects
Martin Brandlmayr vibraphone, voice, objects

Recorded in December 2022 by Sebastian Pracher at Spielzimmer, Bad Goisern, Austria

Side B

Aquin (Klaus Lang)

“The sense of duration in the piece extends to the sense of historical time occupied by the music as well as the music’s gradual evolution. Even without Aquin’s title suggestion, there’s a sense of just intonation arising in the pitches, a suggestion that the music’s medieval duration of tones extends to the later material’s hints at a spectral emphasis in the strings, a complement to Moser’s Partial Intersect. Aquin’s invocation of the past, and an ancient ecclesiastical vision of socio-economic justice, echoes through to the contemporary circumstances of Embrace.” – Stuart Broomer

Klaus Lang harmonium, flute
Michel Moser cello
Werner Dafeldecker double bass
Burkhard Beins percussion
Martin Brandlmayr percussion

Live recording in November 2020 by Martin Leitner at ORF Sendesaal, Vienna, as part of Wien Modern

Mixed by Wolfgang Leitner
Mastered by Wolfgang Musil


Artwork by Teresa Iten
LP cover art by Michael Moser

All music by Polwechsel

Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions, 2023