Embrace 3

Side A

Magnetron I&II (Polwechsel & Andrea Neumann)

“The collective improvisations are complex, engaging works that one might struggle to distinguish from the other compositions. With the instruments realigned, we might note another element of Polwechsel’s distinct character: a certain willed anonymity. The regular recourse to non-specific electronics, objects and percussion, as well as processing, emphasizes the collective while diminishing the status of specialized virtuosity, itself a potentially limiting factor to creativity.” – Stuart Broomer

Andrea Neumann inside piano
Michel Moser cello
Werner Dafeldecker electronics
Burkhard Beins percussion, electronics
Martin Brandlmayr vibraphone

Recorded in February 2022 by Nicholas Bussmann at Atelier Fichtestrasse, Berlin

Mixed by Werner Dafeldecker
Mastered by Wolfgang Musil

Side B

Quarz/Obsidian (Burkhard Beins)

“In Quarz, an acousmatic audio piece became the score itself. This basic track – opening/closing sounds of elevator doors introducing always new room ambiences – was given to each musician (including myself) to play/work along without knowing which kind of approach or material the others would choose, nor what I would edit/mix out of all the individual contributions. Without indicating or defining how each musician should react to the ‘audio score’, this method of working nevertheless enabled me to provoke coordinated events/changes and choices of musical material that refer to the same sonic situations, or elements within them. The original reference piece itself does not appear in the resulting piece.
For Obsidian, on the other hand, I first ‘simulated’ all sections with audio software using instrumental samples of each player and/or sound created with an analog synth as ‘placeholder material’. The screenshots of those multitrack sessions I then transcribed into a graphic score to which I added a time scale and some general indications concerning material, dynamics and/or tempo. The actual musical material still had to be found in repeated work phases, where each player was asked to make individual instrumental suggestions/solutions for each situation given by the score.” – Burkhard Beins

Michael Moser cello
Werner Dafeldecker double bass, electronics
Burkhard Beins percussion
Martin Brandlmayr percussion

Obsidian was recorded in July 2021 by Andreas Karlberger at ORF Argentinierstrasse
Assistance by Ingrid Song
Quarz was recorded during 2022 by the musicians at different locations

Mixed by Burkhard Beins and Werner Dafeldecker
Mastered by Wolfgang Musil


Artwork by Teresa Iten
LP cover art by Michael Moser

All music by Polwechsel

Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions, 2023