Sven-Åke Johansson percussion

1. lindgren
2. lindblom
3. lindquist
4. lindström
5. lindrot
6. lindblad
7. lindberg
8. lindman
9. linddahl
10. lindmark
11. lindskog
12. lindå
13. lindfors
14. lindsjö
15. lindholm

Recorded at SÅJ Studio Berlin, March 2010
Recording Andrew Levine
Mastering Werner Dafeldecker

Liner notes by Thomas Millroth


“The percussionist Sven-Åke Johansson is performative. A way to measure space and time. Ever since the album Schlingerland (1972), he has kept each parameter in his playing in the air like a kite. Rolls, cymbals, the soft fabric of a towel flicking against drum skin. It is not necessary to underline that he manages to paint the whole picture, measure up total space, the big rhythm that envelops every performance, because all of this is self-evident.”
—Thomas Millroth

Audio excerpts