Ein Abend in Pöseldorf

Alexander von Schlippenbach piano
Sven-Åke Johansson voice, accordion, drums

1. kopfsteinpflaster (muster)
2. schnelle boote auf der alster
3. … abends geht man gern an die luft

Recorded at Onkel Pö, Hamburg, March 1978
Recording NDR
Mastering Werner Dafeldecker

Liner notes by Thomas Millroth


“As a foundation there is, of course, the very German classical genre of the Lied. A melody suited to singing and set to a piano illustrating the lyrics with comments. But here, tradition, song and instrument clash. A sort of recitative was cultivated, the lyrics were more or less improvised, melodies were crumbled into tiny bits to be joined together in exhilarating sound shocks.”
—Thomas Millroth

Audio excerpt