Sunny’s time now – DVD

DVD (Region 9, PAL 16/9)

DVD 1: Film
Running time: 108’
Sound: 5.1 Dolby
Original languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French

DVD 2: Special Features
Running time: 182’
Sound: Mono
Original languages: English, French
Subtitles: English

Paul Thiltges Distributions/Luxembourg
La Bascule/France

© Paul Thiltges Distributions/La Bascule
2008 (all rights reserved)
PTD-135 (5453000431391)

Special Features (DVD 2)

Alger ’69 (16’)
This previously unreleased agitprop poem by the French filmmaker Théo Robichet shows a free jazz combo led by Archie Shepp performing in the streets of Algiers in the run-up to the first Panafrican Festival. The band, comprising Sunny Murray, Alan Silva, Clifford Thornton and Grachan Moncur III, is seen embarking on a delirious impro session in front of a slightly puzzled audience.

An interview with Sunny Murray (80’, English)
In this extensive talk with music writer Dan Warburton, Sunny Murray reminisces his upbringing on a farm in Idabel/Oklahoma, the early avant-garde days in New York, his love story with Paris, and what it’s like to be “Jesus coming home to Philly”.

An interview with Daniel Caux (37’, French, English s.t.)
The late French musicologist Daniel Caux recounts how he first rubbed shoulders with the US jazzmen during their self-inflicted exile in Paris at the end of the 1960s. Caux, who was the artistic director of the Shandar label, is best known for publishing a series of legendary recordings by the likes of Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Steve Reich and Lamonte Young.

An interview with Robert Wyatt (39’, English)
Robert Wyatt, the drummer and singer of the original Soft Machine line-up, evokes the intricate relations between the artistic and the political avant-garde and explains how free jazz radicals like Sunny Murray influenced his own musical development.