shaped & chased

“Lehn and Robair are particularly well-matched. Lehn is a musician who came to electronics from the piano, while Robair’s resources include both electronics and percussion. Each matches readily with acoustics and circuitry and creates a remarkable bridge between the two with Butcher, whose saxophone playing can assume both percussion and oscillator-like characteristics.”
—Stuart Broomer (liner notes)

Audio excerpt


John Butcher tenor and soprano saxophones
Thomas Lehn analogue EMS Synthi AKS
Gino Robair percussion, Blipoo Box, objets trouvés

Recorded at Ausland, Berlin, 2019
Recording Andrew Levine
Editing and mixing John Butcher
Mastering Andreas “Lupo” Lubich

Liner notes by Stuart Broomer

LP design by Yaqin Si
Inner sleeve photography by Cristina Marx/Photomusix
Manufacturing by Daniel Klotz/Die Lettertypen