puls plus puls

“Whether the drummer mimics the machine or the machine mimics the drummer is no longer a question for cultural critique or estrangement theory: rhythmitised assembly on the factory line concerns only a minor part of today’s working world. More important is the animistic core question: Is the subject (drummer) contained in the beat or does he lose himself to the beat? Or does he follow an experimental setup that functions like a composition or a conceptualist experiment, that allows for both, considers both?”
—Diedrich Diederichsen


Jan Jelinek electronics
Sven-Åke Johansson percussion

Recorded live at Radialsystem Berlin, 2017
Recording Kassian Troyer
Mixing Jan Jelinek
Mastering Andreas Lupo Lubich/Calyx Mastering

Commissioned by Hanno Leichtmann
for SYN/CUSSION Festival