Monte Carlo Fallacy

“In the lockdown of early 2020, Berlin fell silent. As reflects Nicholas Bussmann, “it felt like the early 90s in East Berlin”, the place where he grew up and experienced social change and uncertainty, and presumably a lot of empty, silent space. Here, on this duo with his long-term accomplice Werner Dafeldecker, we hear the sound of two master instrumental practitioners as they explore the nature of their respective instruments with a paced and thoughtful guidance, with little intervention or overt demonstration of virtuosity. (…) When the dust of music settles, what remains are the sounds of the surfaces, the scrapes, squeaks and abrasions. The two performers engage in a tactile re-learning of sound, teaching each other new airs, free of any kind of obligation to espouse established narratives or politics.”
—Dean M. Roberts


Nicholas Bussmann cello
Werner Dafeldecker double bass