Télé Réalité

Three Congelese producers are planning a reality TV show about the carnival in Belgium. Hawaly, their Burundian show-runner is supposed to prepare the shooting in Belgium effectively but her Belgian colleague is too busy with the supernatural… Télé Réalité presents a complex landscape comprising costumes, rites, dialects, and languages, conjuring up the supernatural and the fantastic: “Is it not true that at night, the superstitious Belgian countryside, with its dark fables, becomes the brightly-lit place on the planet, a perfect landing spot for UFOs? If, we ever want to open up new perspectives in the exchanges between Africa and Europe, we will have to come up with new proposals.” It is with this in mind that Lucile Desamory, Gustave Fundi and Glodie Mubikay intend to inaugurate a sort of telepathic channel between the two continents. They create a metaphorical tunnel, opening up new possibilities of engagement and a carnival of shared narratives. (Kanal Centre Pompidou)

The feature film Télé Réalité by Lucile Desamory, Gustave Fundi and Glodie Mubikay was co-produced by Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions.

It was selected for the Forum Expanded section at the 70th Berlinale and premiered at Silent Green on 21 February 2020.